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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cheap Skates

Master chef at Harewood!!

Today we made vegemite and lettuce sandwiches using the lettuces we have grown in our vegetable garden. Yum!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outdoor education- in the rain!!

I learnt how to put up a tent.Sam
I learnt how to set up a tent and cook some marsh mellows plus some damper and use team work at the tyres and ply wood.Dion

I learnt some strategies for First Aid, including a broken arm and fainting. Caitlin.
i learnt about how team work can solve everything and i learnt how to cook sausages on the fire.Tewhia

I learent what to do when some one faints and   how to cook dampers and sausages on a fire....Mikayla

I learnt how to cook a piklet on a hobo stove.HARRY!!!!

I learnt how to use a hobo stove in out door education.CALEB

I learnt that a lot of things are harder than they look, like doing the lake crossing,cooking dampers on a fire, doing knots and finding things in the native bush from the scavenger hunt. BEN!!!!!!
I liked doing the hobostoves and cooking piklets.SVEN!!!

I liked the fire on the field because i liked to cook the
damper and the marshmellow.Ethan.

I enjoyed making pikelets because they are yum and fun to cook and we can eat them!!YUM!!Bonnie.

I enjoyed the hobo stoves and the open fire to cook on,becanuse we got to cook nice food on them.Maxim

I really enjoyed doing the hobostoves and fire because we got to eat the things we cooked. The activity that we were doing with the tyres and planks of wood was fun and used teamwork. I learnt how to do a reef knot at Mrs Sharps class.

i really enjoyed activity day it was really fun my favourite was the hobo stoves mmm the picklets were sooooooooooo good I cant wait tell next year soo we can do it again. grace                                            

i really loved cooking with Mrs Chamberlian and kyran all the smoke kept getting
in my eyes but it was so worth it to eat the lovely sausages and dampers
and who could forget about the AWESOME Marshmallows mmm marshmallows

I really enjoyed doing the survival with Mrs clink it was fun because we could put a sling and we got to faint but I'm only pretending and we also got to do cooking pancakes and marshmallow's and dampers and sausages and we got to cook on hobo stoves and we got to do cooperative thinking and my team got the second highest time we got three minutes fifty five and it was so fun  we got to vs other people and we got to work as a team and we got to find some trees on the native bush and we learnt how to tie the sheet bend  and the reef and many more and we also got to do packs like we got to learnt like survival when we are tramping or camping and we go to pass them around to other people like the pots and the food and we got to spin the stuff around to like put a hat under it and it wouldn't stop we also done that

I really enjoyed making  piglets with Caitlin with the Hobo stoves it was fun because we got to make  piglets and put jam on them and eat the piglets and I also enjoyed learning that hobos used them.Liam

I enjoyed cooking suagges on a fire. I leart that if its cooked on the outside its not always cooked on the inside.Toby

I enjoyed cooking dampers and sausages AND marshmellows all three of them were great. I also liked cooking the piklets on the hobo stoves 'cause we got to eat them YUMMY!!!!!! Breanna

I enjoyed making the piklets because we got to have 2 of them and i learnt that you have to be patinet when you cook.Alec        
I enjoyed the fires my Dad was helping the tents were really fun . I learnt that you need to set up a tent correctly or it just won't work . Zoe                                                                                                                                   

Shane Bond visits us

Today at school Shane Bond came to talk about playing cricket for NZ and he brought some of his gear. We got to try on some of it a bit like a shopping mall. It was fun. I did'nt get much of
a turn trying on much stuff or looking at his gear beacause I was at the end of the line and  we were giving out certificates to our cricket team so we had to hurry up the process!!!Chloe

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lovely Lilies

Here are our class's lilies behind the flower show.
The Flower Show

On Wednesday we had our flower show.The whole school was involved. We all had to bring our own flowers and make three things. When they were finished they were taken to the multi purpose room for judging.The skills we had to learn were to have patience and to think about the colours and how big the flowers were to be arranged.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final stages on our carving.

Yesterday was our last day with Mr Briggs.
We gave our carving a final sand down and then sprayed it with silicon to make it water-proof so that the rain will dribble off it , not soak in to it. Miss France got to put the paua shell in place. Then we carefully put it into the hole we dug.

We are going to make a garden around it.

Tewhia said it is amazing how we turned the big block of stone in to something so beautiful.

You should see it- it looks AMAZING!!!!   Thank you Mr Briggs- it was a great team effort.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am so proud because i learnt  how to sail  in   the yacht  and how to kneel in it. 
In sailing I was proud that I overcame my fears and capsized [on purpose]. I was really scared when the sail went over my head. My favourite bit was the swimming at the end. I learnt how to use a sailing boat. I enjoyed everything. Ben

When we went sailing I was really nervous because I had never been sailing.When I had my first go at sailing it was so horrific I couldn't do anything apart from just sitting there nearly going to fall of, but then I got use to it and was really good it was so fun!!! My favourite part of the day was swimming ! I never knew that the lake was so deep!!Bonnie

At sailing I learnt how to capsize.Ben

My big challenge at sailing was I learnt how to sail and how to turn and then  capsize.Ethan

Thursday, November 17, 2011


This morning at 9:30 rm7 and rm9 did sailing practice for next week
we learnt how to put the yacht together and the parts of the yacht for example
the tiller and the boom and of course the sail and we did some practices with two other buddies it was a lot of fun and at the end we learnt how to put the boat back together again it was double fun this finished at morning tea Chloe!
This is Maxim David and Isaiah trying it out!!Chloe

This morning Rm 7 and 9 went to practise  sailing for Monday when we go to the lake.  We learnt about the different parts of the boat. We put it all together and we all had a turn  sailing in the boat it was a lot of fun. After we all had a turn sailing we learnt how to take it apart.I cant wait till Monday  to go sailing in the water. I hope it will be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grace

Today we did sailing at school it was really really fun I enjoyed it a lot -we learnt all the different parts and how it works.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Zoe

wow!What a good morning learning about sailing!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Andrew Ellis and the World Cup

Today Andrew Ellis came to Harewood with the Rugby World Cup and showed it to us but he said that we were not allowed to touch it .He also came with his test shirt.
Andy handed the shirt over to Harewood and the teachers got a picture plus every class got a picture too.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pen Pals from England!

We have just finished writing letters to our Pen Pals at Great Easton School in
England. We told them about ourselves and our hobbies.We got some emails from them.There are so many things the same at Great Easton School- their uniform is the same colour as ours and we are both reading Lemony Snicket books.

Our Oamaru stone sculpture

We are so excited about working with our resident artist Mr Briggs. Yesterday we talked about the different designs we could do and decided that we could already rule out some of our own designs because they wouldn't work in stone.
Our stone carving needs to represent our school for our 150th Jubilee.We want it to show that we are a country school in the city with this marvellous KORU piece of art.
We wanted to represent  our values and we wanted to represent Harewood pupils.
Our carving is going to show the teacher(big koru)the parent(middle sized koru)and the children(small koru).It will also show that we care for each other.
 We gave Mr Briggs our designs and then he took them home to work on our final design.Zoe

Today - Wednesday we saw the final design idea and sketched it on the big stone block.It looks amazing.Mr Briggs managed to include all our ideas.

 We had to wear safety goggles when we were sawing the stone.

Today- Tuesday 15 November 
Today Mr Briggs came to help us with our stone carving today we had to chisel away at the corners with the rasp.Sven

Wednesday 16 November
Our Oamaru stonre carving is taking shape.It's messy, dusty,challenging, fun work and time just flies by.

Wednesday 23 November 2011